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Atlanta Exterior Painting Service

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Atlanta Exterior Painting Service

When was the last time you booked an Atlanta exterior painting service? You should not wait for the wall to lose half its paint before hiring a professional painter for your home or office. Exterior painting should happen every five or ten years to keep the house in good shape. The National Association of Realtors states that sixty-three percent of buyers will schedule quick visits to a home with an attractive outlook. Exterior paint is the first sign of neglect or vigilant upkeep.  

Signs you need an external painting service

Signs of wear

The exterior paint affects more than the curb appeal of the home. It protects your walls from snow, sleet, or rain. Cracked paint allows water to seep into the house and causes mold and other unfavorable conditions.

The paint will also peel off, bubble, or crack when exposed to harsh weather elements. A fallen paint coat leaves the house exposed to further damage to the interior of the home.

Painting the house saves you money from the repair of multiple facets in the home. The local painter should be able to tell you that existing paint is now too weak or thin to upkeep the home’s integrity.

Faded paint

A faded exterior is the most apparent sign that the home needs a facelift. A fresh coat of paint makes your home stand out and gives it a better value in the market. The fade could be due to harsh sun rays or rain that drips on the wall.

Cracked caulk, wood or concrete

Caulk, that begins to crack, is a sure sign that you need to contact an exterior painter in Atlanta GA. The crack is due to old age and exposure to elements that weaken the elasticity of the paint and sturdiness of the underlying material. The painter will recommend fixing of the caulk before the revitalize the caulk’s look.

Moisture stains

These stains are sometimes removable by pressure washing or wipe. They can, however, be stubborn to clean if they are a sign of deeper issues. They may indicate a minute crack or hole that slowly lets in water into the interior. Our Atlanta exterior painting service will not repaint the surface without proper analysis of the wet spots. We will then replace the necessary materials and paint over the area to refresh the surface.  

Stubborn dirt

Removing accumulated dirt in paint is the equivalent of trying to wash off a stubborn cloth stain without soap. Pressure washing may not remove all the stains set over the years; hence a professional painter is the best solution for a new surface.

Luckily, our company offers more than a painting service. We have a power washing service that will slough off excess dirt and give painters the best canvas for a fresh coating. We will then prime and finish the entire dimension of the space with high-quality paint and artistry.

It is best to paint your house during the spring or summer months to ensure an optimal painting job. You can, however, book us at any time for an inspection and free estimate. We will be happy to guide you on the expected project execution and a detailed timeline.