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Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper Removal Services in Atlanta, GA

Our Service Area Covers All of Fulton and DeKalb Counties

Atlanta Painting & Restoration Contractors, LLC is proud of the strong reputation we’ve built for high-quality work, open communication, and transparent pricing. Homeowners in the Atlanta area who want professional wallpaper removal can count on us for dependable service. 

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The Benefits of Wallpaper Removal

Removing outdated or damaged wallpaper can significantly improve your home in the following ways:  

  • Modernization of your space: Removing old wallpaper can give your room a more contemporary feel. Whether you choose to paint or install new, modern wallpaper, the change can dramatically upgrade the aesthetics of your room, making it feel fresh and updated.
  • Prepare the walls for interior painting: Once the wallpaper is removed, your walls are ready for a fresh coat of paint. This allows you to choose any color scheme you want, providing a blank canvas to work with and transforming the space to suit your taste.
  • Exposing hidden issues: Wallpaper removal can expose hidden problems like mold or mildew, allowing for proper treatment. Moisture can seep behind wallpaper, leading to these issues. Removing the wallpaper can address the problem effectively and keep your walls healthy.
  • Increased property value: It’s possible that a well-maintained interior will be more attractive to potential homebuyers and might, therefore, fetch a higher price if your home is on the market. This is a possible long-term payoff on your investment in home renovation. 
  • Personalization: Removing wallpaper allows you to customize your space with new colors and textures. Whether you prefer bold, vibrant hues or soft, calming tones, having the freedom to personalize your walls can make your home feel truly yours.
  • Improved lighting: Wallpaper, especially if it's dark or patterned, can sometimes make a room feel smaller or dimmer. By removing it, you can improve the lighting in your space, either by choosing a lighter paint color or by allowing the natural texture of your walls to reflect more light.
  • Ease of maintenance: Painted walls are typically easier to maintain than wallpapered ones. They can be cleaned more easily and don't peel or tear. If you're looking to reduce long-term maintenance efforts, removing your wallpaper might help. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Remove Your Wallpaper

While it might be tempting to tackle wallpaper removal on your own, hiring our wallpaper removal professionals in Atlanta has its advantages:

  • Efficiency: Our team has the tools and experience to remove wallpaper quickly and efficiently. This often means less disruption to your daily routine and faster completion of the project.
  • Damage prevention: Improper removal can damage walls; we know how to avoid this. We use the right techniques and tools to keep your walls intact, potentially saving you repair costs.
  • Cleanup: We will take care of the mess. This includes disposing of the old wallpaper and cleaning the walls, freeing you from the hassle of post-removal cleanup.
  • The value of your time:  Working with us frees up your time for other tasks. Whether you need to work, take care of your family, or simply relax, you can continue your life while we do the job. 
  • Advice and guidance: Our professionals can offer advice on what's best for your walls after removing the wallpaper. We can recommend whether your walls need any repairs, what kind of paint would work best, or if new wallpaper would still be a good option.
  • Stress reduction: Removing wallpaper can be a tedious and challenging task. Let us take this stress off your shoulders. You can rest easy knowing that a trained technician is handling the task, and you won't have to deal with any unexpected problems that might arise.
  • Quality results: We ensure the removal is done thoroughly, leaving no residue behind. This results in smoother walls that are ready for the next step, whether painting or installing new wallpaper. 

Call Our Dependable Atlanta Wallpaper Removal Pros

At Atlanta Painting & Restoration Contractors, LLC, we believe in making our services accessible and reliable. We offer flexible financing options to accommodate different budgets, and our work is backed by a strong warranty for your peace of mind. Furthermore, our commitment to strong on-site supervision ensures every project is executed to our high standards.

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Committed to Meeting & Exceeding Your Expectations
  • “Attention to detail excellent. Back their work 100%. If you are getting quotes, don’t miss these guys. They show up, keep up schedule, clean up and back up work.” - John M.
  • “I used APRC to paint the interior of my home before in Norcross. They just blew me away, their crews were extremely careful, left no mess and my home looks amazing.” - Deborah A.
  • “I initially hired this company to give the outside of an office building a face-lift. they did stucco repair and painting. They did such a good job, I hired them to paint the outside of a rental property.” - Sarah
  • “Throughout the entire remodeling process, their team demonstrated excellent communication and professionalism. They kept me informed about the progress, and any questions or concerns were addressed promptly.” - Taylor J.
  • “This renovated home exceeded expectations. The attention to detail is remarkable, from the stylish modern kitchen to the carefully restored hardwood floors. The blend of contemporary design and preserved charm creates a warm, inviting atmosphere.” - Emily J.
  • “Down to EVERY detail. My wife and I are blown away at the difference. We highly recommended APRC!” - Jeff T.

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