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Atlanta Painting Contractors

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Atlanta Painting Contractors

If you’re planning a painting project in Atlanta, you must hire the right team for the job. Hire the wrong team, and your project could cost more than you budgeted, take far longer than scheduled, or, worse, turn out terribly.

So how do you decide on which Atlanta painting contractor is right for you? At APRC, we would like to share the knowledge we have gathered over the years in the painting business and help you choose the right Atlanta painting contractor for your project. 

Reputation and Credentials

Look for companies with positive reputations and long-standing histories in the industry. Do they have photos of past projects you can look at? Or even better, do they have genuine reviews from previous clients? Are any of their clients willing to talk to you as a reference?

Besides, you need to make sure your commercial painting company is legal to operate in Atlanta. Do they have proper insurance? Are they licensed with all applicable agencies? You don’t have to make any assumptions because working with an unqualified contractor could cause big problems. 

At APRC, we’re not shy about showcasing our past projects because we’re proud of what we deliver. We have stellar client reviews, and over the years, we’ve earned our reputation through consistency, dedication, respect, and, most importantly, commitment to quality workmanship.

Prompt Communication

Excellent communication is the foundation of any successful business. You need to know that your needs are clearly understood, and you need to be able to rely on what your painting company told you.

Here are a few things to watch for in painting company:

• Is it easy to reach them?
• Do they return your emails or calls promptly?
• Are they proactive about getting you the information you need?
• Do they show signs of excellent internal communication regarding your project?
• Are the employees friendly, cheerful, and helpful?

If you are unhappy with the communication you receive during the opening stages of your consultation, there is a higher chance you will not be happy with their painting services. At APRC, we clearly understand your needs for the project and the overall goal of the work. Our team communicates frequently and clearly throughout the project to ensure it reaches completion by the slated deadline and adheres to your budget.

Transparent Pricing & Deadline Adherence

Some painting companies attract clients with a low initial estimate, and they later surprise their clients with extra charges for items that were not included. At APRC, we are transparent about our policies, procedures, products, and pricing. On every project, we strive to:

• Meet hard deadlines
• Adhere to your budget
• Deliver unmatched professionalism
• Provide personalized and attentive service  

Need Painting in Atlanta? Contact APRC Today for Help 

We know our work speaks volumes about who we are and what we do, and more importantly, we know it’s on display for all to see. Our team delivers both an excellent behind-the-scenes experience and a superior final product, so stop searching and give us a call.