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Atlanta Painting Company

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Atlanta Painting Company

The cost of hiring a professional painter is well worth the time and money you will save. The math reveals that executing a DIY paint job involves raising several amounts in preparation for the actual paint job. You may pay a total of $400 or more to buy kits, prepare the surface, and clean up all the tools after use.

A real estate expert will affirm that an Atlanta painting company is the single most effective renovation for a home. A poor paint job is noticeable and automatically slashes the home’s value by a couple of thousands.

What is the cost of hiring a painter per hour?

Typical painting projects in the USA cost between $25 and $45 per hour. The total cost depends on the labor fee and acquisition of painting kits. You should be aware that some painters prefer an hourly rate while others will give you one bill for the entire project.

Factors that affect the cost of hiring a painting company

Scope and nature of the project

Painting the house is an easy way of improving the home. A fresh coat of a complementary color freshens your home to give it a quick, high-quality appeal.

The size of the home affects the price of the painting project because one will use extra money with each additional square foot. The quote of your project should be reflective of the size - a gallon of paint typically covers a 400-meter square wall. The conditions of the wall determine the status of the repair, whereby you will incur higher fees because rougher textures or humid weather slow the application of subsequent layers.

Low-grade paint can make the most excellent paint job look like a lousy job. You should never sacrifice the paint’s quality for the sake of maintaining the budget. Our painters have extensive knowledge of high-quality stains and how they interact with different surfaces.

Prepping the surface is one of the most dominant factors in determining how much the project will cost. The surface should have sufficient preparation because it impacts how the paint sticks to the wall. The best paint job could have a preparation process for a couple of days. Our company will only charge a higher amount when the surface requires more aggressive cleaning or products.

The cost of painting an interior surface is lower because the exterior surface is prone to harsh or unstable weather. The Atlanta painting company may also have to use a higher grade of paint for top quality jobs.

The value of your property ebbs and flows with the current status of the real estate economy. A fresh paint job could look like a massive thousand dollar renovation project. Our contractors are excellent with both interior and exterior painting. We use the latest painting tools and include electrostatic painting to enhance a project. Call us for consultation on any painting project and a sure spectacular backdrop in every corner of your home or office.