Reliable Commercial & Residential Painting Services That Will Exceed All Of Your Expectations


Atlanta Painting & Restoration Contractors is a homegrown, Atlanta, GA owned and operated painting and renovation company founded by 3 individuals from the Atlanta area with diverse background.

APRC is unique in the fact that not only do we offer full suite of renovation and painting services, we offer a hands on approach where you deal directly with one of the owners of the company. We believe in a hand holding model for service and delivery of our services with clear and written expectations.

APRC offers full service exterior and interior painting serving Georgia’s painting and renovation needs. Our satisfied clients include property management, business owners, homeowners associations and private homeowners. Our contractors will treat your property, tenants and employees with respect. APRC is committed to meeting and exceeding all of your expectations.

We strive complete the job in the most organized, cost effective and professional manner.


It's no bragging when you back it up! We carry a full line of commercial insurances and are up to date on equipment and safety procedures. Our process is simple, it doesn't happen if it isn't written down and understood. Each project is assigned a project manager, each project has a complete written scope that is checked off and walked together with the client upon completion and no job is complete until the client is satisfied.

We believe in communication. Communication is the key to a successful project and we have all of the latest technology that allows our office to stay in touch with our project managers in the field and on the job, real time thus minimizing mistakes and delays.


What we have is the dynamic of three incredible forces coming together, to build a great company that generates opportunities for clients and employees alike. All of us are super customer focused, we will give the very best in support, we always use top quality products only, skilled labor, we are priced very competitively, not cheap and we will always do what we say we will do.

Gregory Bennett

Co Founder

Very passionate about finding solutions that work for problems many people face within the industry. Loves to help others and to see accomplished goals and Success happen.

Ziggy Hartman


Has over 20+ years within the Painting and Remodeling industry for both Commercial and Residential properties.

Heather Hartman

Co Founder

She is super detailed oriented and a great with money management. Very business minded and a great people person. Loves to be of help to others and loyal to our clients needs or wants.